How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market

Professor Scott Brown, Ph.D.
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How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market

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RE: Apply the Money Principles of Nicolas Darvas in Your Investing

Dear stock investor,

It was the last early summer of the 1950s.

The Darvas brother-and-sister dance team was as well known in the media then as Circe de Soleil is today.

Their graceful dances delighted television viewers in Europe and America.

The Darvas name was respected in show business circles in Las Vegas, New York, Toronto, and overseas.

Nicolas Darvas had cemented his name in the public consciousness as one of the best dancers in the world.

Celebrities were shocked when a full-page article in Time Magazine covered Nicolas not as a dancer but as a rich stock investor "who ignores tips, financial stories and broker’s letters."

This was followed by a 1960 book entitled, How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market.   

The book fell out of favor when business schools began teaching that the market could not be beaten by a reasoned analysis.

And by The Way, He Made $2.5 Million in 6.5 Years.

Here's what's interesting...

I used the same methodology and got similar results turning a small amount of savings into millions.

Recent academic research indicates that Darvas was right all along.

See, for example, Moskowitz, T., Cliff Asness and Lasse Pedersen, “Value and Momentum Everywhere,” Journal of Finance (2012). 

Darvas studied at the University of Budapest.

He was trained not just in classical dance but also as an economist.

Economics paid less than dance. 

However, his training in economics allowed him to precisely document his agonies and elations on a trade-by-trade basis which caused him to conclude:

I decided I had been missing a good thing all my life. I made up my mind to go into the stock market.  I have never gone back on this decision.”                 

-Nicolas Darvas

The good news... Dr. Brown breaks it down and makes it easy for you.

Scott Brown, Ph.D., tenured finance professor, stock market millionaire, and chief analyst at the Stock Market Trading Channel distills the best of Darvas and serves it up in an easily consumable mini-course format.

Of course, you can read Darvas' book but understanding and implementing it will likely take a massive time and effort on your part.

Dr. Brown makes it MUCH easier for you with this mini-course!

Look Over His Shoulder as He Dissects and Distills Nicolas Darvas’ Secrets For You …

Thousands of MBA students grasp the deepest principles of finance in his classes. 

He literally trains professional financial managers.

The same people who might well manage your money.

But Dr. Brown wants you to take control of your own money...

Fact is, this training can help you to go toe-to-toe against the wolves of Wall Street.

Level the playing field with the skills you will learn in this course. 

Dr. Brown aims to be your ultimate financial coach

Read some of these rave words about this course and the way he teaches...

I started by taking a finance refresher with Robert Schiller’s open Yale course on Financial Markets. Then through a book recommendation for How I Made $2,000,000, I came across your Nicholas Darvas course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think it's your teaching style coupled with the simplistic message of volume, earnings, and making decisions as an individual that intrigues me. My finance courses in the past would teach you about equations and fundamentals, but you never encounter any real coaching on how to effectively invest.” -Gavin Ripley, MBA North Carolina

Listening to the Darvas Lecture with my 15-year-old now.  He is developing an interest in the markets without me ever even talking about it.  You are the perfect teacher for all ages.- Jeff

You are a great teacher, mentor and writer. I wish I could articulate my gratitude for you, but I would fail miserably. To put in the present day vernacular- YOU ROCK MAN! So PLEASE keep on rockin. Well, I'm going to go...I'm getting all misty.-T-Bone

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How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market

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