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The Worry-Free Wealth Guide to Stock Market Investing

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The Worry-Free Wealth Guide to Stock Market Investing

Professor Scott Brown, Ph.D.
3 ratings

Scott Brown, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business, University of Puerto Rico

Here is a strong promise ...

Read this book or go broke!

Can you spare just a few minutes a year to succeed in the market? (Of course, you can!)

The Worry-Free Wealth Guide to Stock Market Investing is a plain language, clear, concise, and powerful “magic formula” approach to a stocks-for-the-long-run investment strategy that Warren Buffet himself describes as the best for most stock market investors.

You can grab this book on Amazon: The Worry-Free Wealth Guide to Stock Market Investing: How to Prosper in the Wall Street Jungle...

...or get it now and name your own price (yes, including free).

In this important book, here are just a few things you'll learn...
1.  One simple -- 10 minute per year dividend yield strategy to match or beat the S&P 500 returns.

2.  The best ETF and mutual fund index products.

3.  The foundations for single momentum stock option strategies known to smash average stock market returns.
4.  Insights investors can use to avoid con artists like Bernie Madoff, Jordan Belfort a.k.a. "The Wolf of Wall Street" or disasters like the Black Swan stock market crash of 2007-2008 and the COVID crash of 2020. 
5. Discover clear and easy-to-understand explanations of all complex principles hidden in the background of Wall Street.

If you're building the foundation of a million-dollar portfolio, The Worry-Free Wealth Guide to Stock Market Investing is a resource that no serious investor can be without.

The Worry-Free Wealth Guide to Stock Market Investing is from bestselling nationwide expert investment speaker and major state university school business finance professor Scott Brown Ph.D.

This book is recommended preparatory reading for anybody enrolled or enrolling in his MBA investment courses.

If you're serious about becoming a winning investor.

This book is your key!

Here is what the best of the best have to say about Dr. Brown.

What is unique about Dr. Brown is that he is one of the very few doctors of finance that can see the forest through the trees…
Dr. Van K. Tharp, Ph.D. Cary, NC worldwide leading investment psychologist featured in Market Wizards: Interviews With Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager

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