Profile PictureProfessor Scott Brown, Ph.D.

Dr. Brown is a tenured professor of finance at the University of Puerto Rico whose doctoral dissertation was sponsored by the Chicago Board of Trade. He is a successful equity investor, author, Tik-Tok influencer, and shows the stocks he follows on the Stock Market Trading Channel daily market updates. Scott also publishes in top academic journals in financial economics (finance). --- 1. Scott Brown, Eric Powers. 2020. The life cycle of make-whole call provisions. Journal of Corporate Finance 65. 2. Brown, S. Demetriou, D. and Theodossiou, P. 2018. Banking Crisis in Cyprus: Causes, Consequences and Recent Developments. Multinational Finance Journal 22(1). 63-118. 3. Brown, S, Anamari Irizarry Quintero, Melissa Mandaloufasa, Wendell de Queiroz Lamas. (2015). Energy balance analysis of the Brazilian alcohol for flex fuel production. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 43. 403–414. 4. Brown, S., Cao-Alvira, J. & Powers, E. (2013). Do Investment Newsletters Move Markets? Financial Management, Vol. XXXXII, (2), 315-338. 5. Brown, S., Cao, J.J., & Pérez, J. (2010). Do Stop-loss Orders Protect Investors? Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, Vol. X (1), 65-77. 6. Brown, S., Cao J.J., & Pérez, J. (2010). Newsletter Announcement Induced Implied Volatility Skewing. Journal of International Management Studies, Vol. X (1), 29-33. 7. Brown, S., Powers, E., & Koch, T. (2009). Slippage and the Choice of Market or Limit orders in Futures Trading. Journal of Financial Research, Vol. XXXII (3), 305-309. 8. Brown, S. (2009). Frame Dependence and the Information content of Insider Transactions. European Journal of Management, Volume 9 (2), 34-52. 9. Brown, S. (2008). Reversing Gresham’s Law: A Model of Soft Currency Greenfield & Brownfield Financing of MNC First Market Entry During Post Invasion Economics. International Journal of Business Research, Volume 9 (1), 62-76.


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